We started The Augie Fund in 2012 to provide glasses to children who need them.  When our son (and grandson) Augie was two years old, he was diagnosed with an eye movement disorder that made glasses a necessity.  We are lucky that his pediatrician noticed his vision challenges when he was very young -- healthy eyesight is absolutely critical for development and early learning.  

Early on, we were at the eye doctor’s office often. Augie needed a new prescription every few months.  And he was two years old - which meant glasses went missing or got stepped on, often. And even good insurance coverage was totally insufficient for the realities of keeping a young child in glasses.

There are so many families with inadequate insurance who struggle to pay for specialized glasses essential to their child’s development.  Frames and lenses cost around $250, and specialized glasses are at least $500.  Most young children who need glasses will go through quite a few pairs every year.  We wanted to help.

So we joined with the fantastic public charity, That Man May See. They set up a way, through The Augie Fund, to provide glasses for young children of low-income families in the Bay Area with ZERO red tape. If children need financial assistance to get glasses, pediatric ophthalmologists at UCSF and San Francisco General Hospital can immediately authorize their glasses prescription be filled. The Augie Fund gets kids glasses, easily and quickly, bringing sight and smiles to children and their families.


Marya & Bruce Wintroub, Anne Wintroub, Alex Hansen, and Augie Wintroub-Hansen